Tuesday, January 26, 2010

who celebrates their 32nd birthday today?

My brother, Michael.

Michael is my only brother... I have seven sisters. No, he was not the baby of the family. He was the sixth child of nine. Yes, he survived and is doing quite well. He is married to the lovely Tiffani (check out her blog here) and has two adorable children, Caleb & Logan.

The photo above was taken when Michael and I lived in Maryland. I had been living there as a nanny and a college student. I was lucky enough to convince Michael to move back to Maryland to work and live closer to me. He loved Maryland so much, he stayed after I left and thank goodness, because that's where he met Tiffani.

Now he's back in California, running his own business and raising a terrific family.

Happy Birthday, Michael!
We miss & love you.

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