Sunday, January 31, 2010

where do i have to go for a bath?

The Mount Adams Wilderness.

For those of you that have visited our little house, you know that we do not have a bathtub. Although I love our bathroom, with its heated tile floor, instant hot water, heated towel rack and amazing shower, I do miss having a bathtub.
When we came upon the above structure while cross-country skiing, naturally I saw a bathtub and had to get in.

This was the first weekend Snow King Sno-Park was officially open. Snow in Washington has been light this year. We are used to seeing snow on our drive up the mountain and there was none. Usually we would have skied here several times already.

As Ben and Foster ski past you can see a lot of shrub in the background that would normally be covered in snow.

We had to go off trail a few times for good snow and a bit of downhill fun.

Here I am navigating my way over a fallen tree.

Did I mention that Foster LOVES to roll around in the snow?

We had a great day!


Mom said...

Loved the TUB!!

dmarks said...

I saw those huge stone things in Italy like that, and was guessing that they were empty sarcophagi.

Plumbers Bath said...

I bet that bath was a bit cold! Any hot water round there? ... said...

You are such an expert skier. It's so fun to see the snapshots of you cruisin' around like it's no big thing. Love the one of Foster running! We've gotten so much rain and snow here it's hard to believe you guys have a had so little. Hoping our storms continue up to you guys!

The Caretaker said...

"Bath tub" of snow, funny photo. Interesting blog.
Jeffrey Dallas Moore

Mom said...

There's Foster...says Pete. He already saw the blog in Newton.