Saturday, February 13, 2010

who celebrates their 26th birthday today?

Maci... aka Mai mai.

Mai mai is my youngest sister. She is the "baby of the family". I was in the fourth grade when she was born. When my mom when into labor I remember thinking I wanted her to wait and have the baby on Valentine's Day (come on I was in fourth grade).

When Mai mai was born I was at the perfect age to take care of her and loved carrying her around. If you look at family pictures taken during the first few years of Maci's life, I am usually standing, holding Maci on my hip.

Now Maci's a mom and she's got Noah attached to her hip. The picture above is of Noah's first birthday. Maci is an amazing mother, sister and friend.

Here she is with my grandma, grandpa and nine Cabbage Patch Kids (one for each member of our family). You can hardly tell which one is Mai mai.

Happy Birthday, Mai mai! We love you!


maimai said...

Thank you so much! It was a happy birthday thanks to the love I feel from you. said...

That was very sweet! I have seen that Cabbage Patch picture lots 'o times, and I can just say, that I have NEVER noticed that was in it!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I need to laugh more at myself. HAHAHAHA.