Monday, August 16, 2010

why didn't i post yesterday?

We spent the day in Prague.

We covered a lot in a short time.

We visited museums on both sides of the river.

Ate delicious homemade pasta for lunch at a restaurant along the river.

Walked through the city and crossed the Charles Bridge.

Marveled at the amazing architecture.

Wished we could stay longer.


abby try again said...

Ok, that's it-we are going to have to plan a European tour together!
All of these photos make me heartsick for this place. I am so glad you and Ben are able to explore and enjoy this together. Thanks for sharing it all with us :)

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

That place is really beautiful... said...

wow! what an amazing adventure! can't wait to hear all about it-and i mean all about it. need to plan a phone call or visit with both you and ben.
keep having fun! and yes-abby is right, thank you for sharing!