Friday, August 20, 2010

where's the fourth stop on our world tour?

SIN- Singapore Airport, aka the gateway to Australia.

Tuesday we left our little village of Hluboka for Cesky Krumlov (above) a UNESCO World Heritage Site (I'll post more later). After a short visit there, we drove to the Prague Airport.

From Prague we flew to London, where we informed we needed a visa to enter Australia and we wouldn't be sitting next to each other. Luckily we were able to purchase a visa at the airport and a super competent ticket agent was able to seat us next to each other (with an aisle). From there we flew to Singapore and finally arrived in Australia, only to discover our luggage only made it as far as London. For some reason, it didn't phase us. We'd been flying for 28 hours and hadn't slept in a bed for two days, so missing luggage wasn't a big deal. We've lost luggage before and know it's always delivered the next day.

Finally we made it to Pittsworth, our "home" for the next two weeks. Our luggage arrived, we are getting over our jetlag and learning to drive on the wrong side of the road. Stay tuned!

PS What do you think of our luggage? That's all we have for traveling around the world for 36 days.


Mom said...

Amazing packing for a month with stops on different continents. And I'm guilty -- having one of your orange bags in our attic. Great photos, great attitude, keep enjoying....

maimai said...

I am VERY impressed by the amount of luggage! That's the amount I take for Noah and I to go home for the weekend :) YIkES

I've enjoyed following your tracks here on the blog. AMAZING!
And we got a postcard from you :)
Love you! said...

I'm impressed with your packing ability-especially considering the opposite is winter in Australia? Did you fit coats in those bags, or is Australia like CA?
We got your postcard yesterday! So beautiful and funny. Hope you are well and enjoying a good night's sleep.