Tuesday, July 20, 2010

why haven't i posted lately?

We have been busy enjoying our summer. The weather has been amazing. It's almost spring- like. It hasn't been too hot or too cold. The wind has been blowing and being outside is a pleasure. We've been spending a lot of time in the garden (I'll post about that soon) and I started my master's program. We will be going to Brant Lake in a week a half and Australia after. Below are some photos of a recent hike to Wahclella Falls. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


Win said...

Wow I found your blog through a random blog thing and am totally impressed! your blog is what I want my blog to be!

I'm in Oregon too, you have some great northwest adventures on your blog! I'm looking to go backpacking with a couple friends and I think we'll have to check out some of the places you've blogged about.

I have some friends that moved up from half moon bay, you Californians are invading!

Blessed Rain said...

amazing and beautiful photos!
Looks like you have been having a wonderful summer!

Catherine said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures. Your site makes me want to visit Oregon. My family and I love the picture of the dog!

to answer your questions said...

Hey, thanks for the great comments everyone. Yes, Oregon is great.