Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how did we spend our independence day weekend?

With a trip to the Painted Hills at the John Day Fossil Beds.

We woke up early Saturday morning and drove three hours to the park.

We used Google maps for directions and although we saw beautiful wildflowers...

old barns...

and windmills the size of the Statue of Liberty, the last hour of the drive was along a dirt road.

But we followed the directions exactly and made it.

We arrived early, before the crowds.

The hills appear painted- a result of volcanic sediment and erosion.

There are many trails throughout the park to view the hills.

Our favorite was the Carroll Rim Trail. The trail ascends a few hundred feet in elevation and overlooks the entire area.

Painted Hills weren't the only thing to see at the park.

We had a great day.

On the fourth we went to Maryhill for windsurfing, but it was too windy. We picnicked and hung out at the beach instead. We ended the day with a delicious summer fruit crostata.


ms.gal said...

WOW! The Painted Hills are breathtaking. I would love to visit them sometime when we visit. Hope your summer is going well!

Sarah Slaven said...

Cool those hills were amazing.

Anonymous said...

That place seems to be a lovely draw!
I wish I was there :)