Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what did ben and i start training for this morning?

The Columbia Gorge Marathon.
Sarah has been asking me to join her in various 5K runs and a marathon she's doing in Pittsburg. She finally convinced me to do this one because it's right near our house... and we would only be running the half-marathon. Actually Sarah and I will split the half-marathon so it will be like a 10K for me. I'm signing Ben up for the half-marathon no split. I have a feeling I may end up doing the entire half with Ben because the second leg of the race is all downhill and since I signed up for the first leg... Well you get the idea.


ms.gal said...

Sweet! Good luck

abby try again said...

Wow! That is SO exciting! We'll come and cheer you along :)

Anonymous said...

I once ran a half-marathon with your husband out in Bowie MD. I still have battle scars, more like a limp, to prove it (-; Watch out for that one!