Tuesday, August 11, 2009

how was the return of camp rampage?


Years ago, when I was a nanny back east, I started Camp Rampage. The boys I took care of were finished with their summer camp and school wasn't starting for a few weeks. So, I created a camp for them and they named it Camp Rampage. We went canoeing, tie dyed t-shirts, picked fruit at a local farm and did a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember.

A few years later I took Camp Rampage to California for my niece, nephews and a few other children. There camp lasted for a few weeks and each week had a different theme.

This summer I took Camp Rampage back to the east coast for Pete and Alex. We met up at Brant Lake and held camp for four days.

Day One was our cooking/ baking/ kitchen day. We started the day by decorating the aprons my mom and I made for the boys.

Next we colored shrinky dinks.

Making our own gummy bugs was next.

Followed by Alex's favorite-pizza making.

Uncle Ben wowed the boys with his flying pizza dough.

Don't worry Phoebe and Ed- it's a plastic pizza cutter.

After pizza, we made dirt. The boys put the dirt in their flower pots they painted earlier that morning.

Uncle Ben taught the boys to crush the Oreos by pounding. Crushed Oreos on top of chocolate pudding makes realistic looking dirt.

Day One was a huge success.


Jennifer said...

how fun! I bet those boys loved that (even Ben!)
Were your ears burning a few weeks ago? You were being discussed as I sat at breakfast eating bacon waffles... remember when you and your mom and my mom came to Los Altos for breakfast with my brother-in-laws? We were just there a few weeks ago and went to the same place for breakfast... and they still have fabulous bacon waffles!!

G-Ma said...

I can't believe how much you look like Aunt Mac in that photo. Looks like it was a wonderful time

Mom said...

What an amazing undertaking for the enthusiastic campers and the wow-terrific camp directors. Planned perfectly and lots of fun.....