Friday, August 14, 2009

how was the rest of camp rampage?

Super Successful!

On Day Two we tie-dyed our camp t-shirts. Alex and Ben tie-dyed stripes, Pete and I made random patterns.

The theme for Day Two was Adventure. We made pirate hats, sailboats and ended the day with a treasure hunt.

Alex and Pete found the treasure box under the stairs. Alex was pretty excited to find the dollar bills in the chest. He loved the hunt so much, he made a treasure hunt for his parents on Friday night.

On Day Three our camp shirts and pirate hats were ready to wear.

Because Day Three's theme was Outdoor Day we decorated baseball caps to protect us from the sun.

Before we headed outside, we painted birdhouses. Ben taught the boys how to sand the wood before painting.

After we painted, we went on a nature hike to find artifacts for our sun prints. Alex led us on the hike to a meadow beyond the tennis courts. We found amazing leaves and ferns.

I think the best part of camp everyday was snack time.

The last day of camp was our Exploration Day. Ben and I took the boys on a canoe ride to Spite & Dievel. We paddled along the lake and under a bridge into a swamp. We found amazing lily pads with beautiful flowers. Ben made the canoe.

Alex is already planning Camp Rampage 2010.

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