Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what's even more fun than camping in the mountains?

Camping at the Beach.
After checking the Oregon Coast weather report on Saturday morning, we decided to head for the coast. We stayed at Nehalem Bay State Park near our favorite coastal town, Cannon Beach. The weather was perfect and the beach beautiful. Foster could not wait to get into to the water.
Although Nehalem Beach is known for sand dollars, we only found crabs and seagulls.

Here we are taking our own picture.
Sunday afternoon we headed down the beach....
and set ourselves up in the dunes...
for an afternoon of reading and relaxation.
Foster had fun digging in the sand.
This may have been the first time we wore Foster out. When we arrived home, Foster could barely jump out of the car. We have taken him skiing, hiking, swimming and running, but after a day of surfing and digging, he was actaully exhausted.

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Mom said...

a great spot - wonderful photos, esp you
love, lefty