Friday, July 29, 2011

what question can I finally answer for ben?

What kind of convertible I want. The Lexus IS hardtop.

Ever summer Ben talks about getting me a convertible. He talks about which one he would buy and where he would store it in the winter. I know he's not serious, but it's very sweet nonetheless. The other day when we saw an old Mercedes convertible for sale I swear he was ready to buy it for me. If I would have said, "buy it" he probably would have.

Anyway, I never have an answer for him when he asks me what convertible I want because it's not a realistic question. What's the point... that is until I went grocery shopping the other day and saw the car above in the parking lot. It's a great looking car. That's the one I want and I would not mind having the beach that's in the background either:)

Oh, and it's a hardtop, so no reason to store it in the winter. I can drive it year round!

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