Sunday, June 5, 2011

who went hiking with us this weekend?

Bob and Jane.
About three weeks ago Bob and Jane left Brant Lake, NY for Hood River, OR by car. They wanted to drive across the country and we wanted a new car. So Ben bought a car via email/phone in Vermont, had it delivered to Bob and Jane in New York and they drove it across the country. You can read all about their trip west on their awesome blog, jane and bob and more.
Fortunately they arrived just in time for our first bout of seventy degree weather. We hiked on Friday. We hiked on Saturday. Today we hung out at the house and walked around downtown. We have had a great time and will miss them when they fly- not drive- home tomorrow.

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Jamie said...

So... what kind of car and how did Ben do it? I enjoyed reading Bob & Jane's adventure through Montana. It actually makes me miss my ole' state.
Miss you guys!!