Thursday, April 7, 2011

what gift did i recently receive?

A spice box from my friend, Kesi.

Kesi is the wife of Ben's colleague, Shaju. Although she lives in Portland and we don't see each other often, we find ourselves exchanging gifts- usually handmade. She makes beautiful handmade holiday cards and she's an excellent cook (I've tasted her cooking at Hood Tech via Shaju). The four of us talk about getting together for Indian cooking lessons. Our fantasy is to hang out with Shaju and Kesi for the weekend, while they teach us to cook real Indian food. In the meantime, I'll have to try out a few recipes with my new spice box.

Kesi included the following explanation for my new spice box (the explanations were colored coded, of course):
-tumeric powder
-kashmiri chili powder- not at all spicy, but a gorgeous red color
-corriander powder
-garam masala powder
-mustard/ cumin seeds- added to hot oil and allow to crackle & sputter before anything else is added
-whole spices- cardamon, cloves, cinnamon sticks, dried red chilies (whole spices are also crushed lightly in a mortar/pestle and added whole into heated oil for fragrance & flavor before anything else is added

Thank you, Kesi!


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That is so beautiful! I hope you guys are able to do the cooking lessons. Do you know what part of India she is from? I'm obsessed with Southern Indian vegetarian food right now. Yum...