Thursday, March 10, 2011

where are foster and i spending the night?

At The Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach.

On Monday night Ben found out he had to go to Mexico for business. Normally when Ben leaves town I take the opportunity to visit my family in California. However, school, teaching, and a recent part time job I acquired no longer permit me to leave on a whim for an extended period of time.

Yesterday I realized I would have a 24 hour period where I could get away and nobody would notice. I chose my favorite place in Oregon, Cannon Beach. Foster and I are having a great time. We went for a walk on the beach when we arrived- it was raining. Later we went for a jog at sunset- it wasn't raining. Despite the on and off rain, we are in heaven.

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Mom said...

Looks like a wonderful overnight. Any effect there from tsuanami from the terrible earthquake in Japan?