Thursday, February 3, 2011

what am i dreaming of?

The warm weather in Vegas.
It's cold this week in Hood River. Not as cold as Texas, yes Texas, but cold enough to make me miss Vegas. I'm ready for spring. While we were in Vegas, everything was decorated in honor of the Chinese New Year. The gigantic rabbit above had a mechanical tail that would wag.


DAD said...

As usual you have some great pictures of what you've been up to. love the updates......... Just got the BD present today. Thank you so much. We will use it this weekend I think. Have a great weekend.

Love DAD

DAD said...

Don't know if you got the first comment. Thanks for keeping us posted. Great the rabbit. Received the BD gift today. Will use it this weekend @ the coast.

Love DAD said...

Kung hei fat choi!