Sunday, January 2, 2011

where did we spend the holidays?

In California, with my family. We stayed with
Ali & Jon in their "new" guest room, complete with a ribbon at cutting ceremony. Sean and Ryan decorated the door with their awesome artwork. We felt very welcomed when we arrived.

This year all of my siblings were there so we made the most of our time together. My brother threw a surprise 45th anniversary party for my parents, we celebrated Caleb's 4th birthday, Cassie and the sisters got together for a pre-wedding lunch (she & Eddie will marry this summer), we held our annual Janky Yankee gift exchange along with the re-enactment of the nativity and the cousin gift exchange.

This year the adults opted to donate the money we would have normally spent on gifts to a family in need. My dad chose the family and it was such a success, we plan to continue the tradition.

Foster was able to come to California this year as well. Maci, Noah & I drove to California and Ben met us there flying from India. Foster had a great time with his "cousins". Sean and Ryan took great care of him and even bought him Christmas presents! He got a lot of attention and a lot of walks to the park.

While we had a great time in Cali, we are happy to be home! Happy New Year!


maimai said...

I can not express how amazing you are! thank you so much for having us!
I love that Ryan and Seanie had a red ribbon for the guest room, too sweet.
And how adorable is that picture of Sean and Foster?! Love it!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a most perfect Christmas!