Sunday, December 5, 2010

what was the fourth night of hanukkah?

Book Night.
Ben an I spent the day in Portland and went to Powell's Books. You can find anything at Powell's. It's huge... and that was sort of the problem. We went looking for books on India (possible upcoming business trip). We found the books and then decided to pick one each for Book Night... except we couldn't decide. Powell's is so big, if you don't know what you are looking for, you kind of get lost. So, we drove back to Hood River, went into our little bookstore and found our books in no time.

When we got home we found a package in the mail that had this beautifully wrapped present inside from Aunt Gloria & Uncle Bill. In it was a replica of the Old/New Synagogue or Altneushul, that we visited in Prague. It's the oldest synagogue in Europe that still functions as a house of worship... and according to legend some people believe the Golem is still found in the attic.

Bill and Gloria you picked out the perfect gift for us. We spent the most time at this synagogue on our tour. It was our favorite synagogue (you can see Ben standing in front of it) and we are happy to have a beautiful memento as a reminder of our trip. Thank You!

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YAY! I love hearing about the way you have chosen to celebrate Hanukkah. What a great idea. Let me know how the Mylah Goldberg book is.