Saturday, November 13, 2010

what are we celebrating this weekend?

Ben's Birthday & Foster's Birthday.

We know when Ben was born, but we're not sure about Foster. When we got him from Home at Last in The Dalles, they estimated he was about a year and a half. We decided he would share his birthday with Ben. Foster turned seven this year.

This year I wanted to get Ben actual presents for his birthday as opposed to a mention of a recent purchase as his gift. In the morning I presented him with the "we are so good together" mini mugs. I bought them at Little Winter from Shanna. She collaborated with a Portland based ceramicist to make these beautiful hand crafted cups. Ben loved them! His midday gift was a book from his favorite podcaster and in the evening, along with his chocolate cake, I gave him a card made from this print of Abby's along with cash for a new ski jacket. There is no way I was going to buy him a ski jacket without his input and it's nice to receive crisp hundred dollar bills in an envelope.

For Foster's birthday, he had a steak dinner last night (our scraps) and today we took him to the snow. He loved it!

3 comments: said...

Happy birthday Ben and Foster! Those mugs are adorable. Sigh. Hope you guys had fun celebrating.

maimai said...

happy birthday boys!

J Kenny said...

That cake looks nom nom!

The mugs look ace and the doggy looks cute.