Thursday, August 12, 2010

how much did lunch cost?

9 crowns or 48 cents.

When Abby studied abroad in France, Cassie and I went to visit. One of the great things about our visit is that we knew a "local". Abby had lived there for a year and knew the places to visit and ways to take advantage of the local offerings. One thing she taught me was to go to the grocery store and buy fresh ingredients for lunch. Hotels provide amazing breakfasts and it's a treat to go out to dinner, but making your own lunch from fresh bread, local cheese, and fresh fruit can't be beat... and it's inexpensive.

Thanks, Abby. I wish you were here.


abby try again said...

I SOOOO wish I was there, too. I hope you are having an amazing time :) It looks that way for sure. Oh but someday soon I will be able to tag along with you.
* * * *
xo Love you guys, Abby

Mom said...

Smart and delicious. Great to learn from a good idea. Good wishes & love, M & D