Wednesday, June 30, 2010

who celebrates their 41st birthday today?

My sister, Allison.

Allison (Ali) is the second child of nine. The photo of her husband, Jon, and her was taken at the beach during my 25th birthday / family reunion. She snapped many photos throughout that weekend (along with my other sisters) and compiled the shots into a beautiful photo album. All the photos are black and white. Each page has one photo with simple accented borders. It's my favorite photo album. It also contains the most recent family photo-yes it is ten years old, but we haven't managed a family photo since.

Ali is amazing. She's been a mentor to me throughout my life. She introduced me to Monet. She was the first person to take me to the Getty. She (technically Jon) was the first person to employ me. She was the first person to take me to Hawaii. She always opens her home to Ben and me when we travel to v-town. She is the best.

She has four incredible boys. First she had Chris (the artist) & Nate (the mechanic) and ten years later she had Ryan (junior artist) and Sean (too young to tell- prediction-architect). Her boys are a hoot and we always have a great time when we're together.

Ali and Jon are a perfect example of a great marriage. They work together. They are true partners. They look out for another. They are fabulous parents.

Happy Birthday, Ali!
Love you so much.

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