Thursday, April 8, 2010

why am i a little perplexed?

Because even though Spring was supposed to start at the end of March, winter just began in Hood River. The base at Mount Hood Meadows finally rose above 100 inches (it hovered in the nineties all "winter" until last week's storm- it measured 149 inches today). In town today it rained, snowed, hailed and the sun shown a few times- to taunt us.

Ben took these photos a few weeks ago along the Deschutes River. They're all I have until old man winter decides to leave town.

PS Check out my sister's blog for a recap of our last 24 hours together:)

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abby try again said...

Those are some gorgeous photos!
And yes, Springtime around here is during two weeks in Feb. and then winter comes back until the 4th of July, remember? You sure you don't wanna move to Texas with us?