Monday, March 8, 2010

where did ben and i vacation recently?

Palm Springs.

Bob & Jane invited us to join them, along with their friends Kirk & Cheryl, for a hiking vacation. Leaving Hood River during this time of year is not a bad thing... especially if it means traveling somewhere SUNNY!

We had a wonderful time and many adventures (to be revealed in upcoming posts). Our first adventure was a hike in Indian Canyons. Walking through palm trees, wading through streams and traversing across the desert was amazing. We were especially lucky to be led by Phil. He wrote the guide to hiking in Palm Springs. Ben and I had such an amazing time, we stayed in the canyon after the hike was "over" and the rest of the group left.

Kirk took all the photos in this post. You can see him in the reflection of Ben's sunglasses. Pretty amazing, don't you think?


maimai said...

AWESOME lindee! And you look radiant!

abby try again said...

Oh my word-Lindee this is so amazing!
What a dreamy place.