Saturday, January 2, 2010

how did ben and i spend our "stay-cation"?

We spent it skiing!

This year Ben and I decided to stay home during the holidays and "vacation" in Hood River. Ben took off work and we skied almost every day of the two week break. Here we are at the base of Mount Hood, cross country skiing at White River Snow Park.

I made a pot roast with vegetables in the crock pot and threw it in the thermos for lunch.

We had an awesome picnic in the snow...

while Foster looked on.

Another favorite cross country ski spot of ours is Bennett Pass. We went here twice during our "stay-cation". The first time the trail was a bit icy and the snow was hard. The second time the conditions were perfect- fluffy and soft. Ben and I love skiing under this fallen tree. Foster likes it for the loose branches.

Here we stopped under a large pine tree that we used as a shelter from the falling snow and as a place to throw snowballs for Foster.

He jumps to catch the snowball midair.

I turned my skis into a bench to watch the "dog show".

At the end of our trip we were greeted by a friendly snowman.

We are so lucky to live in such a great place.

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sara! said...

hello To answer your questions..
just a wee note that i bumped into your blog by chance - and i like the style!! :)
and since i am into photography too (only for fun), i like some of your pics too..

keep blogging, and cheers! :)