Friday, December 4, 2009

who is following in chris's footsteps?


I've always known he's been artistic. He is always drawing and reminds me of Chris when Chris was little. While we were in V-town for Thanksgiving, we visited the Heritage Complex at the Ag Center. They had a coloring station. Ryan picked up a crayon, looked at the picture of the roosters and started drawing.

Watching him draw was amazing. It was like watching a professional work. As he drew I could see each piece of the rooster emerge from his crayon the way a teacher would demonstrate the correct way to draw. I realized he's very talented.

Later that afternoon, Chris, Ali (his mom) and I were talking about Ryan. I learned he draws everything. In the summer, he goes through reams of paper. Ali said he woke up one morning talking about a dream he had and then went on to draw the dream.

Sean's picture is on the right. He's 4 and not far behind...

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