Thursday, October 8, 2009

what two special events happened today?

Ben and I celebrated our third anniversary... and our nephew, Steven Arthur Ford was born (I'll post more on the baby later- Congratulations Jason & Abby).

Ben and I spent the night at Timberline Lodge to celebrate our anniversary. We arrived in time for an afternoon hike and beautiful sunset.

Ben bought me flowers (Gerbera Daisies-my favorite) and I bought him Cap'n Crunch... how romantic.

We woke up this morning and hiked up to Silcox Hut to watch the sunrise. This evening we read old love letters Ben wrote to me... some of them were 17 years old.

Happy Anniversary Doll.


abby try again said...

OH so sweet!
Happy Anniversary.
And Capn Crunch? Is the roof of your mouth sore today Ben?
Love you two. said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! I still remember the magic of that fall night. You guys look so beautiful. I love your little black dress Lindee. Congrats to Jason and Abby too. Never a dull moment, eh?