Monday, August 17, 2009

where did ben and i seek refuge during our recent heat wave?

Oneonta Gorge.

Before we went to Brant Lake, we had a heat wave. Yes, I know it was only in the high nineties and low hundreds, BUT we are not used to that kind of weather in Oregon and we do not have air conditioning. The house only stayed cooled for so long with blinds closed and windows shut. By the afternoon it was too hot to be comfortable and a few nights it did not cool down at all- forcing us to sleep outside on the deck.

Fortunately Oregon is home to many waterfalls, gorges and cool spots. Oneonta was a popular one for us after Ben got home from work. We drove to the Historic Highway and the moment we entered the gorge it was nice and cool.

After climbing over this log jam and wading chest-deep through the stream, we were rewarded with the waterfall and swimming spot.