Thursday, June 25, 2009

what happened when ben and i got stuck on I-84?

We decided to hike along the railroad.

Last Thursday Ben and I decided to go hiking. We left Hood River, got on I-84 and headed for the trail. When traffic on I-84 stopped, we pulled off the road and called ODOT. When we learned I-84 was closed due to a truck fire we left our car at a weigh station and decided to hike along I-84.

Driving along I-84 is a treat. It's a beautiful drive through the gorge and we make the drive often. Getting to walk along I-84 is amazing. Everything we normally see at 65mph, was extra special to see on foot.

This waterfall is visible from I-84, but only on foot. I've never seen it from the car.

Many people decided to get out of their cars . This soccer team was contemplating jumping off the rocks for a swim in the river.

After a few hours of hiking and realizing the road would remain closed, we decided to turn around and walk home. Along the way we met a ranger (at an exit where she could turn around) who drove us home. Later that night (when the road finally reopened) we went back for our car. We had an amazing adventure!

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Thats because you are so amazing