Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what was my big accomplishment of the day?

Skiing by myself!

I realize some of you may think skiing alone is no big deal, but for me it is. Ben taught me to cross country ski a few years ago. It took some time and a few tears to get going.

When it snowed for the first time this season on Sunday, we attempted to ski on the Old Historic Highway. Unfortunately Sunday's snow was too icy and there wasn't enough cover.

This morning it started snowing and hasn't stopped- nice, fluffy, powdery snow. After a late lunch with Ben at his work, I decided to take Foster skiing and try the Old Historic Highway again.

While driving home to get my skis and change, I realized the skis and poles were still in Ben's car from our Sunday attempt.

Fortunately I bought new cross country skis this season so I was able to use my old skis and my downhill poles.

This time the Old Historic Highway had a lot of snow enabling me to ski and Foster to play and run.

Although the thick, powdery snow stuck to my skis occasionally, I was able to scrape the snow off using the fence rails. Luckily I've been taking yoga, enabling me to balance and remain flexible during the scraping.

What a wonderful afternoon!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful - a great accomplishment! And always skip the icy days. Love, Jane

abby said...

How fun!
I am LOVING the snow, the ice-not so much...
I would love to go skiing sometime with you. How exciting that you went all by yourself! Woot!
Gosh, really this weather has been so nice, we had some lovely powder this morning. Hope to see you soon, abby