Sunday, November 30, 2008

what do we do when the sun isn't shining in hood river?

Head east.

Ben and I were looking for sun and an adventure. We packed a picnic and drove east. Our first stop, Wishram, to take a look at the historic locomotive...

and this horse we found at the back of an antique store.

From there we headed to Goldendale. On the way we stopped at this little house on the prairie.

We went inside to explore.

Here's a beautiful view from the kitchen window...

and the backyard.

After exploring the prairie we continued on to Goldendale. We explored the town and visited the observatory. We were able to see real time images of the sun from the telescope housed in the building below. We plan to return soon for an evening show.

We ended the day with a stop at The Dalles and checked out this new waterfront development.

1 comment:

abby said...

Oh my gosh-how cool!
That house looks amazing...
Thank you so much for having us over and for letting us use your car. You guys are the best.