Sunday, October 19, 2008

where did foster and i hike today?

The Mosier Twin Tunnels.
We wanted to hike the syncline (click to enlarge- you'll see a train) in Washington...
but when we arrived, I saw this sign...
and then this one.
So we left the syncline, drove back over the bridge and went to the Mosier Twin Tunnels.
The tunnels are located along the Historic Columbia River Highway. You can see why the old highway was built at the base of this gorge. The road followed the natural path of land unlike the highways today.
In 2000 they restored the road, tunnels and created a lookout spot.
As you enter the lookout area, you see the following inscription The Columbia Gorge... a work of art to be given the devotion of a lifetime.
Foster enters the tunnel.
Here's the second tunnel. Notice the old and new parts.
Just another beautiful day in the Gorge!

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