Wednesday, October 15, 2008

what do i love most about visiting v-town- part two?

Hanging out in the backyard with my niece and nephews.
G-ma's backyard is full of wonderful things to play with, including turtles.
Noah's favorite thing to do in the yard is pick g-ma's flowers- his favorite the Gerbera Daisy (of course).
He's also practicing to become a rock climber...
and an explorer.
Caleb likes to hang out near the turtle pin, play with papa's flashlight...
and sit in g-ma's mini chair.
Here's Breezy enjoying the new deck.

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abby powell said...

THis makes me miss home sooo much!
Everyone is so big and the weather looks so nice....hope you are having a blast!
Give everyone a big, big hug for me.