Thursday, September 18, 2008

what happens when sarah's husband goes out of town?

Auntie Lindee comes to play! That's not entirely true. Sarah has three boys under the age of two. Let me repeat: three boys under the age of two. John Oscar (labeled below) was born in December 2006. The twins, Buzz (in blue) and Lars (in black) were born in March of this year.
When John, Sarah's husband, went out of town, I showed up to help. The boys are very well behaved and get along quite well. Buzz even offers Lars a "teething ring".
Is Lars giving me the finger?
Here's John Oscar with his favorite toy.
Our big outing for the day was a trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Although we had this stroller, Buzz preferred to be held. All in all it was a good day:)

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