Monday, September 1, 2008

how was my birthday campout?

Great! We had such a good time, we went again on Monday night!We arrived around 7:00pm on the night of my birthday. We set up camp, had a fajita dinner cooked over the fire, followed by a game of Scrabble (yes I won, but only by about 100 points). After the fire wound down, we went to bed.
The next morning I cooked eggs, with tomatoes from our garden, over the fire. I'm a pretty good camping chef.
Ben was pretty happy with the breakfast.
It was only fair that he cleaned the dishes.
Foster helped, too.
When I packed the food, I thought of everything.
Including a way to prevent the oil from leaking. Don't mess with me!
On Monday, Ben and I decided to go back to the campground for a "day of camping". We just wanted to be by the river- read, swim, eat and nap. After a delicious dinner and amazing fire, we decided to stay the night. This time we slept a little better. We had a secret weapon- a futon mattress!


The Andersons said...

Are those TWO different tablecloths I see? Do you use cloth napkins when you camp too?

to answer your question said...

yes, two different table coverings and yes we use cloth napkins when we camp- i don't own paper napkins.